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About Me

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Born in Buffalo NY, I was raised in a family where arts and education were highly encouraged. My mother is a former music teacher in the Buffalo Public School system, and my dad is a craftsman specializing in products from the Bahamas. If a family member wasn't involved in the fine arts, they turned to the performing arts; I have an older sister who is a performance manager, and two talented nephews who play drums and guitar in music bands.


Even before attending Canisius High School, I developed a dual interest in urban planning and graphic design through regular education of local history, and drawing and painting as a hobby. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from the University at Buffalo, a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Continuing Education degree in Creative Entrepreneurship at Buffalo State College.


Since graduating, I have concentrated on services as a graphic designer, visual branding, and freelance marketing consultant primarily through the non-profit sector. My primary collaborations have been with small business owners, entrepreneurs. My self-assignments include paintings and colored pencil drawings of landscapes, and more recently my own animated short film.


My current residency is in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I'm not at my workspace, I'm exploring one of my many other areas of interest: Biology, Astronomy, Nutrition, Bowling, Billiards, Spanish, Board Games, Soft Rock, Jazz, and Video Games.

Photo courtesy of David Moog.

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