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Welcome Freshmen began with a rough idea about the first day of school. Originally, the plan was for a minute-long pencil test. As the idea grew, it expanded into a two-minute animatic. I was encourged to build upon my idea from my animation instructor at Locust Street Arts, himself highly experienced in independent and commercial animation.

Volumes of rough skteches became the basis for the storyline, the layout, and the pencil test. A three-minute pencil test was presented at Locust Street Arts' 57th Annual Art Show in August 2017.

As my very first animated short, the story Welcome Freshmen came to symbolize the journey of the idea itself. What typically begins with promise and expectations has moments of toughness and tediousness which, although rarely anticipated, comes with the ultimate reward of seeing one's creations grow and come to life.

The final colorized version made its premiere at Locust Street Arts' 58th Annual Art Show in June 2018. Welcome Freshmen has appeared in film festivals nationwide through 2019.



  • Locust Street Arts' 58th Annual Art Show - Buffalo, NY June 2018

  • Niagara County Community College Animation Festival - Niagara Falls, NY - May 2019

  • Tokyo Lift-Off Online Film Festival 2019 - Tokyo, Japan May 2019

  • Action on Film International Festival - Las Vegas, NV - July 2019

Awards & Honors


  • Rochester International Film Festival 2019 - Certificate of Merit Laurel Award

  • Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque 2019 - Certificate of Merit Laurel Award

  • Pinnacle Film Award 2019 - Diamond Award for Best Animated Short

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2019 RIFF Cert of Merit Laurel Art

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